Friday, September 30, 2011

☼ Snail

Monday, September 26, 2011

First official day of school holidays and not a child in sight! We dropped them off at my parents place for a sleep over last night. No doubt they are being spoiled rotten, and will come back home later tonight with a sugar high. Reuben and I took advance of our child-free day and drove to Mornington. We had a yummy lunch in The Grand Hotel, walked along the foreshore and had some ice-cream before heading home again. Right now I am enjoy the peace and quite, reading favorite my blogs, with a glass of wine in  my hand. Hubby is just about to start the BBQ, steak for dinner tonight xo

Sunday, September 25, 2011

More walking today - this time near my parents place in the Dandenong Ranges. My legs are so sore tonight, walking up hills has worn me out!

Birds of Tokyo

On Friday night my husband, myself and our four friends; Meredith & Ash, Leisha & Scott saw the Birds of Tokyo perform live at The Forum in Melbourne. It's the second time I have seen them play. And they rocked!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Top 10 Walking Albums

 I've been doing a lot of walking lately, I have finally decided that it was time to make an effort to get fit and help my butt shrink! Almost daily I walk; sometimes with my hubby, or I walk alone if he's working, sometimes we take our two dogs and other times I walk to the shops to pick up fresh ingredients for dinner.  My jeans feel looser, I feel happier and my lily white skin is turning a pale brown.

I take my iPhone with me, listening to some tunes and snapping pictures as I go. I see things in squares these days. 

Here is my top 10 walking albums:

1. Scarlet's Walk - Tori Amos
2. Absolution - Muse
3. Rome - Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi
4. Midnite Vultures - Beck
5. Turn Me On - The Grates
6. Sleeping with Ghosts - Placebo
7. Seventh Tree - Goldfrapp
8. Tonight - Franz Ferdinand
9. An American Prayer - Jim Morrison
10. Grape - 100 Monkeys

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lost Tooth

Somebody lost their first tooth today, and she couldn't be more excited!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Girls

My beautiful girls - Alex Zoe & Skye Paige xo

Garden Flowers

Flowers picked from our garden - loving the begining of spring so far ☼

Friday, September 16, 2011

Huge Kelly

On Tuesday night (13/9) the family (his children and grandchildren) gathered around Grandad's hospital room as he took his last breath. It was so heart breaking to be there, but I am glad I was. I haven't been able to bring myself to blog about it, until just now. It's taken quite some time to process the information I dreaded since hearing of my Grandad's lung cancer months before.

It's been an emotional week. I heard the news on Sunday afternoon that Grandad wasn't doing too good after being in hospital for the last month. The doctors had removed one of his lungs, after that a lot of little things went wrong that added up to one big thing. He tried so hard and put up a good fight. But on Monday the doctors told the family that there was no coming back from where he was. He was unable to breathe on his own, and they needed to decide when to turn the machines off. In the end his body just wasn't strong enough, and he passed away on his own accord surrounded by love .

Looking at family pictures today and talking about all the fun times with my mum, sister and cousin Lee (who is also my best friend). We laughed and shared some of our favorite Grandad stories. I started to feel guilty having so much fun, but then I remembered that this is just want Grandad would have wanted.

 Grandad was generous, had an amazing sense of humor, he loved to tell jokes, sing songs, write poems, do the most awesome wedding, 18th and 21st birthday speeches, enjoyed dressing up and he loved his family with all his heart.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kimbra Surpise

Support Band?
Lee and I
Reuben & Garry

Two weeks ago my hubby and I were drinking red wine on a school night - so naughty I know! When we came up with an exciting plan to surprise my best friend Lee and her husband Garry with Kimbra tickets.

On Friday night we headed into Port Melbourne to pick up them up, we made a pit stop at Dumplings Plus for dinner. It was delicious! We walked the five blocks to The Forum and almost got inside without them seeing who was playing. But Lee was way too observant and saw the poster on the way in.

We got some beers at the bar and headed into the crowd,  found a good spot to stand and caught the last couple of songs of the support band (oops I can't remember who they were, but they sounded good).

Kimbra came on stage and oh my god, she sounded amazing. Such a strong powerful voice. She looks so girly in a pretty pink frilly dress. After a few songs she had a costume change and came out wearing a sweet red dress looking like a flamingo dancer. She was so cute and funny. So adorable really! I loved seeing her quirky personality come though on stage.

It was such a wonderful night. My best friends, good food and awesome music. Nothing beats the feeling live music give you. Food for the soul! I have a more gigs coming up in the next two months, Birds of Tokyo, Eskimo Joe, The Jezebels, and The Grates.

Not my favorite day

Not my favorite day today. I woke up with a cold and an ear ache. In the afternoon I received some bad news. My grandad isn't doing well - and a family meeting has been called by the doctors tomorrow morning. He has been in hospital for the last month. He has lung cancer and the they have removed a lung but he is finding it hard to breath and can't do it without a ventilator. Hearing my mum break down on the phone today unable to continue speaking was the worst sound in the whole word.