Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kimbra Surpise

Support Band?
Lee and I
Reuben & Garry

Two weeks ago my hubby and I were drinking red wine on a school night - so naughty I know! When we came up with an exciting plan to surprise my best friend Lee and her husband Garry with Kimbra tickets.

On Friday night we headed into Port Melbourne to pick up them up, we made a pit stop at Dumplings Plus for dinner. It was delicious! We walked the five blocks to The Forum and almost got inside without them seeing who was playing. But Lee was way too observant and saw the poster on the way in.

We got some beers at the bar and headed into the crowd,  found a good spot to stand and caught the last couple of songs of the support band (oops I can't remember who they were, but they sounded good).

Kimbra came on stage and oh my god, she sounded amazing. Such a strong powerful voice. She looks so girly in a pretty pink frilly dress. After a few songs she had a costume change and came out wearing a sweet red dress looking like a flamingo dancer. She was so cute and funny. So adorable really! I loved seeing her quirky personality come though on stage.

It was such a wonderful night. My best friends, good food and awesome music. Nothing beats the feeling live music give you. Food for the soul! I have a more gigs coming up in the next two months, Birds of Tokyo, Eskimo Joe, The Jezebels, and The Grates.


Belinda said...

I LOVE live music. Great photos x

Blythe said...

I love living vcariously through you and your love of live music. I'm envious! It's fantastic that you actually do it, buy the tickets and get there. One day, I will... The last gig I went to was in 1992. Seriously.

Melissa *Suger Coat It* said...

Woooot. I love a good night out. And this one looks fabulous.