Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day Two - Warrnambool and Port Fairy

Day Two – Picture from our little family holiday taken last week. See pictures from Day One here!

  {Waves crashing in Warrnambool, if we had arrived a day earlier we would have seen whales}

{Lady Bay Apartments in Warrnambool where we stayed}

 {Skye was fascinated with Granny’s Grave, but she was worried that her grandma was in there}

 {Granny’s Grave – first white women to be buried in Warrnambool in 1848}

{Griffiths Island Lighthouse in Port Fairy, I love this picture}

 {It took us 30mins to walk to the lighthouse build in 1859, the offspring were disappointed when they found the door locked – this lighthouse is still in operation today}

{Phoenix sitting on the wall soaking up the beautiful view just outside the lighthouse}

{Remnants of the Cottage Garden of the lighthouse keeper}

Back in Warrnambool we visited Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village...

{The Dressmakers was my favourite part of the model coastal village}

{Random lady walking though the village dress in old day clothes}

{I have always loved the old style of clothes, but it would be very hot in summer to wear all the layers of fabric}

{Gorgeous hats and bonnets, aren’t they pretty? You can see me in the mirror too}  

{Phoenix loved exploring the old boats in the village}

{When we first entered the village the offspring were given little passport books to collect stamps from the buildings. Alex took her stamp collecting very serious and hubby help she solve the clues}

{Highlight of the day for Skye was feeding the ducks}

Monday, September 27, 2010

Day One - On the way to Warrnambool

Trying to cull 430 pictures into three blog posts that represent our three day family holiday last week wasn’t easy but I think I have picked the best ones. Hope you enjoy my first holiday post!

{Picture taken just outside Geelong from inside our moving car} 

{Awesome looking playground in Colac}

 {Phoenix & Skye taking turns with our mini camera at the Red Rock Lockout}

 { Red Rock in Alvie}

 {Skye on Mount Leura}

{Alex taking pictures on Mount Leura}

{The offspring checkout out the view}

Day One – Just a few pictures taken on our way to Warrnambool. I took us around 4-5 hours to get there. We stopped a few times to see landmarks and for the offspring to play on a cool looking playground. I was surprise at how well they all behaved in the car. It’s much easier to travel with them how that they are much older.

point & shoot - umm coronas

I spend my weekend drinking Coronas, chatting with friends and doing a spot of gardening. How did you spend your weekend? 

 Playing point and shoot at fatmumslim this fine Monday. Be sure to checkout what everyone else got up to!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

this saturday i'm grateful for...holidays, music and bbqs!

I'm back from our little family holiday, I have lots pictures to post for show and tell during the week. Today I am playing along with Maxabella loves, which is becoming a new Saturday ritural.

 This Saturday I am grateful for

1.Three day holiday with my family exploring The Great Ocean Road. I hope one day Reuben and I can retire and buy a house somewhere along the road. To live by the ocean would be wonderful.

2.Just discovered that the lead singer from one of my all time favourite bands (The Tea Party) is going to be playing a gig in November. Jeff Martin you rock, love your music and can’t wait to hear you sing live again.

3.We will be heading off for a grand final footy BBQ at Sam and Glenn’s house shorty. I’m not really into sport, and couldn’t care less who wins. But I will enjoy a steak on the babie and being with my friends.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just finished making a week’s worth of hair clip orders in less than two days and I’m exhausted. If I see another hair clip, I think I will snap!

I feel so drained…sitting at a table making hair clips might not sound like hard work but it is somehow! I haven’t figured out why that it is yet, but trust me it is. It might have something to do with concentrating and the amount of love that goes into each and every piece.

You won’t see or hear from me for a few days…we are off doing fun things with the offspring!I can't wait to take lots of pictures on our family adventure!

Inspired by Dani’s blog and the new Australia drama of the same name my children will now be referred to as offspring.

Monday, September 20, 2010

point & shoot: cupcakes

Oh what a glorious weekend! It marked the start of school holidays, sleep ins, conversations with good friends, cold beer, a party, and making three batches of yummy cupcakes with the kids. I made the ribbon flags too, aren't they cute?

Playing point & shoot over at fatmumslim's blog today! Come along and join in with all the fun!

I have a very busy week ahead, lots of orders to hand make so that I can take some time off to do fun activities with the kids. We have a surprise plan for them on Wednesday-Friday. I properly won’t be in the blogging world as much as I like this week so please forgive me.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

this saturday i'm grateful for...parties, friends and cupcakes!

Playing along with Maxabella loves today. This saturday I'm grateful for parties, friends and cupcakes! Friends of ours are traveling overseas shortly and they are hosting a catch up before they leave party tonight. The kids and I are making cupcakes with my new mixer to take with us.

Friday, September 17, 2010

this moment

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember - SouleMama

look what just arrived in the mail

A Kenwood Patissier Mixer! Can't wait to mix and bake a cake or something! And how about this shade of blue isn't it so pretty?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

magazine obsession

I love magazines! I love the smell, the feel, the written words, the ideas, the recipes and most of all the pretty pictures. My favourite ones include; Notebook, RealLiving, Home Beautiful, House & Garden, Donna Hay, Good Food, Shop 4 kids, and many more! I still have my witchcraft ones that I purchase was I was 21, but thats a story for another post.

I buy one each week, sometimes it once a day depending on when a new addition is on the supermarket shelf. I should properly look into yearly subscriptions and try and save some money. If I counted up how much I spend on magazines at month I might have a stroke. I am also running out of places to store them. I have a magazine stack in almost every room of the house.

I get a little rush every time I purchase one, I can’t wait to sit at home with a cuppa and flick through all the beautiful pages. Then I start to fantasise about living in all the pretty houses with their beautiful gardens. Then I see the gorgeous lamp with the purple shade that would look perfect in our bedroom next to all my books. I also enjoy trying out some of the recipes I see, some make it onto our regular menu and others I would never make again. I’ll read an article and I relate too, and it feels so good.

Does anyone else love magazines as much as I do? What are your favourites?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

afternoon off

I feel overwhelmed and just over it today. Express post order done, I'm a day ahead so the others can wait until tomorrow. Skye’s on her way to kinder.  

I am taking the afternoon off. I need some time to chill out and escape for a while.  I am going to curl up in bed with my book and read.  

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

letters from skye

When I picked up Skye from kinder the other day she was so excited to see me, more than usual anyway. She had a very busy morning playing and making letters for me. Her little blue eyes twinkled as she watching me open her pretty little letters. They melt my heart instantly, as they would do to any mothers heart. I open the first one and it’s a pretty picture of me complete with glasses. The second letter has black ink stamps on it, and some handwritten letters. I will treasure them forever, and put them in my little box of goodies that is hiding under my bed. One day when is all grown up I will give them back to her, so that she can keep them to show her children.

Monday, September 13, 2010

point & shoot: tree hugger

My gorgeous son, Phoenix hugging a tree in our front yard. He really is one of the most beautiful souls in this world. I love being his mumma.

Our weekend was mostly lazy and sweet. Hanging out with my lovely family at home; pancakes for breakfast, family movies, hugs, kisses, reading my book, watching masterchef junior and fish and chips on sunday for dinner. I am truly blessed by the powers that be. We all needed a slow, quiet and sweet weekend at home together and we got it.

How was your weekend? I am playing along with point and shoot at fatmumslim!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

feeling spring

Today was sort of wonderful, the sun was shining and you could feel the coming warmth in the air. I am normally a winter lover, but I am really looking forward to the warmer months ahead this year. I want to wear pretty dresses, walk around bare foot, have friends over for BBQ’s, and spend more time outdoors. We have plans to fix our neglected  garden, and we planted a few new native bushes today. 

What did you do today?

self portrait {eight}

Why can I see beauty in everything except when it comes to me?

powderfinger gig

Friday, September 10, 2010


My happiness, I’m off to see Powderfinger live tonight! With my BBF, and our husbands. I had a minor hiccup at the start of the week, no babysitter and I didn’t think I would be able to go. But that’s all sorted now.

If you had to choose a soundtrack to your life so far, what songs would you choose? Powderfinger’s DAF would have to be on mine. Honestly I am not the biggest fan of the newer songs. I’m a fan of old school Powderfinger, way back when Reuben and I first fell in love in 1996. I have seen Powderfinger perform live around four times, and since this is the farewell tour I just couldn’t miss it. My best friend, Leeann is obsessed with Powerfinger, and I love the fact I am sharing this with her too. There is something special about seeing and hearing a good Australia band live. With Jet and The Vines as support tonight is going to rock!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Flowers for Thursday

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

unauthorised hair cut

Last night was a sad night when I discovered Skye had cut her own hair. She has butchered it, and I don’t think I will be able to put it in piggy tails anymore. {See before the hair cut pictures here} Skye’s hair is very fine and it is slow growing. She has only ever had two hair cuts in the four years and 9 months she has been on earth. When I asked her why she did it, she said “I don’t want to wear hair clips anymore”. I was devastated, it was like being punch in the face. My business is all about hair clips, and now my daughter hates them!

I think it is sort of rite of passage for my children to cut their hair around this age. Phoenix did it two weeks before our wedding, and tried to hide it under his pillow. His hair looked so bad it even had bald spots. Alex did it at school one day when she was in prep, hoping I wouldn't notice. Skye just came out of her room and left the evidence on the floor and sat on my lap and look at me waiting for my reaction.