Sunday, April 1, 2012

24 Hours

 This weekend I spend 24 hours without my husband and kids and it was wonderful. 

I had arranged babysitting and Reuben was going to come, but a little tummy bug kept him home. It began on Saturday afternoon around 3pm when my husband drop my friends, Leisha, Scott, Tania & I at the train station. We headed into St Kilda to the pub called The Local, Tap house. More of our friends arrived and we took up one corner of the pub, that was decorated with pretty flowers in jars and tea light candles.  Where they serve lots of yummy beers on tap and beer battered fries and burgers. We sat around rustic looking tables trying lots of interesting beers, laughing, chatting and celebrating Leisha's 33rd birthday. It was a ripper of a night, I had so much fun. I did leave a little early though and went back to my best friends house to stay the night. We were in bed by 10pm, big party animals huh!

In the morning Lee and I headed to the mind, body and soul expo. We walked around the stalls and stayed to see a couple of workshops; one on Astrology and the other one with a medium taking to the spirit world.  They were both fascinating. Then we headed to the local inn for lunch and I was dropped off back at home.