Thursday, November 15, 2012


We have the most amazing rose gardens at our new place. When we first moved in, it was winter and all the rose bushes look so bare and plan ugly.  I was going to pull them out and replace them with something else when we get around to doing up the garden next year. But now its spring and the roses are stunning and they smell divine. I just can't imagine getting rid of them anymore. I'm not the only one thats obsessed with them, Skye loves to pick them, smell them and bring them inside daily.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

building a kitchen

As with all renovations, they take longer to do than you plan on them doing. My husband had two weeks lined up to rip out the old kitchen and take it back to stud walls (this also included more slate removal), re-plaster, tile, build and assemble an ikea kitchen. Now he's back at work and its not complete yet. Everyday when he comes home, he finishes another part of it. Slowly but surely our new kitchen is coming together, it wont be long now and I'll be baking cupcakes and lamb roasts in my new smeg oven.

mini shoot


On a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon my children and I went into the reserve behind our house for a little mini photo shoot for Hair Fairy Clips.

I was pretty happy with these pictures taken in the shade, though for some reason they look a little blurry in the post which they aren't in real life - maybe change the size before uploading?

Monday, November 12, 2012

studio renovations

I have been dreaming of the perfect studio for years now, in fact is was one of the main reasons we moved to a bigger home. "We" well when I see we I mean mostly my husband Reuben with a little help from friends and family have been working our way though the new place renovating almost every room. Finally after bedrooms, hallways, and dinning & living space have had make overs its was my studio’s turn, which was originally the dinning room when we purchase this house. It is the located at the front of the house, the first room you see when you enter the front door. It had horrible red blotchy painted walls, with brown slate tile flooring.

Removing slate has to be one of the worst jobs in the world. It breaks up and crumbles into dust and make a terrible mess. Also the noise from the jackhammer isn’t very pleasant and it took my husband 5 hours to do my small studio. I can’t wait to show you the finished result soon. But right now we are installing a new ikea kitchen, and my studio has become a storage area for food and looks too cluttered and messy to take pictures off.