Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekly Stills - Sunday Edition

1. Phoenix made a tiny camera with Lego complete with changeable lenses.
2. Skye and Phoenix built things with Lego most of the day.
3. Music was played all day. Thanks to Alex being an awesome DJ.
4. Sunday isn't complete without a selfie.
5. Shed gutters really need to be clean out, but delaying it because they look so pretty.
6. We moved our rose bushes that were scattered randomly around the property to create a beautiful boarder around our fence line and Reuben played with our puppy's.
7. My smiling husband.
8. Storm clouds in the afternoon.
9. New plants and two vanilla strawberry cupcakes left.
10. Gorgeous winter bloom in our garden.

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I've been having vivid crazy dreams involving giant penguins attacking, husband going missing and waking up in a panic, the dogs eating our roses and other delighting things keeping me from sleeping well. Maybe my brain is bored and its making up things to keep things interesting.

I am listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs new album and I love it. My favorite song play on the radio is  Arctic Monkeys "Do I Wanna Know"

I'm wearing my new brown boots everywhere. They are so cool and comfortable. I'm going to really miss them when its flip flop season shorty.

My preferred way to wear my hair is waving and down. The colour is staring to fade and unfortunately my greys are showing. Trying to decide if I want to growing old gracefully or if I keep dying my hair. The hippy in me says go grey!

I haven't been reading, which is really odd for me. I've been staying up late with my hubby watching Breaking Bad and Greys Anatomy. Both shows are awesome by the way.

I've been working on new ideas for my hair accessories website including a new logo. And thinking about getting a real job again. This line of thinking scares the hell out of me. But extra money would be great to spend on new camera equipment.

Phoenix's 10th birthday is this Tuesday. Every year I am still surprised how fast my children are growing up.

(top photograph taken by my son Phoenix)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Little Model

Monday, July 22, 2013

Snap Happy

1. Phoenix hanging out with me in the garden
2. Weeds are taking over our almost empty garden beds...must decide on what to plant soon
3. School holidays are the perfect time for baking chocolate chip cookies
4. Kendra is going to miss the kids now they are back at school for another term
5. Our rosemary bush is looking a little sad after being plucked for too many lamb roasts this winter
6. The most beautiful bunch of lilies sit in a vase on our dinning room table

that's a wrap

That's a wrap, school holidays are officially over this morning. I'm a little sad, I enjoyed having them home for a whole three weeks. And I love sleep ins and no homework. But on the other hand I am looking forward to having a quite house and getting lots of things done.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


I've been changing lately. I can feel it deep within me. Passions I thought I had forgotten have stirred up once. I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone that I have been stuck in for never. Learning that its okay to do things that scare me the rewards are greater than standing back and not doing it. I'm not numb anymore. I have an opinion about almost everything. I no longer wonder what my life would have been like if I had chosen a different path. I am happy with my choices, they make me who I am today. I am finding self-love, I hope I never lose it.  I am interesting, funny, warm, friendly, loving, creative, and beautiful just the way I am. Changing the way I feel about myself is only the beginning.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Old Cheese Factory

The school holidays are flying by too fast. It's almost the end of the second week, leaving only one left. We have had lots of days at home, reading, watching movies and generally just relaxing. With one a trip to visit friends in Point Cook and to the cinema to see Despicable Me 2.  It has been perfect, and just what I needed, and I'm sure the kids did too.

I am giving Photography serious thought again, I'm going to start asking my friends and family if I can take pictures of them in the near future. I really enjoyed taking ones of Leeann last week.  Meanwhile I have three beautiful children to photograph. We went back to the Old Cheese Factory today in Berwick. My husband I got married here and I have used this location for photography fashion shoots for my website.  Also Leeann's Maternity ones were done here too. Its a great location with landscape gardens surrounding historical 1860's  buildings.  There is also a cafe, wooden playground and Farmers Market once a month. I'm adding a visit to the market on my list of things to do.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


My beautiful best friend (& cousin) Leeann is 31 weeks pregnant and couldn't be any cuter. Her gorgeous smile is all ways present on her lovely face. She is truly glowing in every way.  This baby means the whole world to her and her husband Garry. So when I asked her if I could take some maternity pictures, she happily said yes. We had so much fun yesterday, trying out lots of different ideas. I am frilled with the results.  I can't wait to cuddle this adorable baby, in a few months time.