Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekly Stills - Sunday Edition

1. Phoenix made a tiny camera with Lego complete with changeable lenses.
2. Skye and Phoenix built things with Lego most of the day.
3. Music was played all day. Thanks to Alex being an awesome DJ.
4. Sunday isn't complete without a selfie.
5. Shed gutters really need to be clean out, but delaying it because they look so pretty.
6. We moved our rose bushes that were scattered randomly around the property to create a beautiful boarder around our fence line and Reuben played with our puppy's.
7. My smiling husband.
8. Storm clouds in the afternoon.
9. New plants and two vanilla strawberry cupcakes left.
10. Gorgeous winter bloom in our garden.

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Kym Piez said...

Love the teeny tiny camera. Lego is a favorite at our place too! Gorgeous selfie, and love a good day in the garden. Xx

dear olive said...

I saw a house on grand designs last week that had an entire turf roof and thought that's what you must be doing .... I can see why you're delaying pulling it down! It does look so pretty. Kellie xx

Hayley@MyLemonayde said...

Beautiful photos. Must say Lego seems to take over our house, nice to see yours organised in a box and not on the floor like ours. Have a great week. H x

Mandi Ashcroft said...

There's nothing better than lego creations and spending a day with family being creative. your's looks much more organised than our basket overturned on the floor. x mands

Steph @ this brown wren said...

Such lovely captures of the beautiful, everyday stuff. Wishing you a happy and bright week :)

elflyn said...

Lego is a favourite here as well, although they are a little young yet to make tiny cameras :)
Lovely days, lovely memories.
Have a beautiful week.

Blythe said...

The gutters do look very pretty! Just a little while before the rainy season starts, so you've got some time to clean them out! Love the Lego camera xx