Sunday, July 28, 2013


I've been having vivid crazy dreams involving giant penguins attacking, husband going missing and waking up in a panic, the dogs eating our roses and other delighting things keeping me from sleeping well. Maybe my brain is bored and its making up things to keep things interesting.

I am listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs new album and I love it. My favorite song play on the radio is  Arctic Monkeys "Do I Wanna Know"

I'm wearing my new brown boots everywhere. They are so cool and comfortable. I'm going to really miss them when its flip flop season shorty.

My preferred way to wear my hair is waving and down. The colour is staring to fade and unfortunately my greys are showing. Trying to decide if I want to growing old gracefully or if I keep dying my hair. The hippy in me says go grey!

I haven't been reading, which is really odd for me. I've been staying up late with my hubby watching Breaking Bad and Greys Anatomy. Both shows are awesome by the way.

I've been working on new ideas for my hair accessories website including a new logo. And thinking about getting a real job again. This line of thinking scares the hell out of me. But extra money would be great to spend on new camera equipment.

Phoenix's 10th birthday is this Tuesday. Every year I am still surprised how fast my children are growing up.

(top photograph taken by my son Phoenix)


Kym Piez said...

Love your boots and am tossing up on the hair colour thing as well. I don't colour my hair and am wondering when you draw the line. I love natural, but keep dividing!!! Let me know what you do! X