Friday, September 10, 2010


My happiness, I’m off to see Powderfinger live tonight! With my BBF, and our husbands. I had a minor hiccup at the start of the week, no babysitter and I didn’t think I would be able to go. But that’s all sorted now.

If you had to choose a soundtrack to your life so far, what songs would you choose? Powderfinger’s DAF would have to be on mine. Honestly I am not the biggest fan of the newer songs. I’m a fan of old school Powderfinger, way back when Reuben and I first fell in love in 1996. I have seen Powderfinger perform live around four times, and since this is the farewell tour I just couldn’t miss it. My best friend, Leeann is obsessed with Powerfinger, and I love the fact I am sharing this with her too. There is something special about seeing and hearing a good Australia band live. With Jet and The Vines as support tonight is going to rock!


Dani said...

Nothing like a live show. Nothing.

Kim@Living with Little People said...

I'm super incredibly jealous! Love, love, love Powderfinger and love live gigs. We've seen all three bands live, but together on the same bill it will be awesome to the power of infinity.

Zabrinah said...

Oh! You're soooo lucky you got to see them live!


Best wishes from one blogger to another,


{Amy} said... music and your best friend...Life is good! Hope you had fun!