Sunday, May 22, 2011


 {Grandad & Princess}

 {Owl in the shed}
 {Grandad, Princess and my sister Meg}

{Uncle Will and Phoenix}

{Skye waiting for her turn}

 {Reuben - hubby}



{Alex my daughter and Grandad}

On Saturday we pack up the kids and took a mini road trip to visit my Grandad - Hugh Kelly. He has been rather sick lately, but thankfully he is still as happy as always.

My Grandad is the sweetest man, many of my closest friends who have had the pleasure of meeting him would agrees. My Grandad lives on my uncle Will and auntie Vicky's farm,it is such a beautiful peacefully place to visit. The kids had an awesome time.

The strange fact is, that my grandad is actually my uncle. My mothers parents died when she was young. Her Mum died when she was only 12 years old and then her father died when she was 16 years old. My mum is was born in Scotland and was the youngest of 8 children. Her oldest sister Matilda married Hugh and started a family. They decided to come to Australia to provide more opportunities for their growing tribe. Hugh and Matilda took my mum, Marion under their wing and she came to Australia too. When I was born Hugh and Matilda told my parents that they would like to become my grandparents, since we didn't have any on my mothers side. 

So I was named after Hugh Kelly. I feel so lucky to have a name with so much meaning.


Andrea said...

This is so sweet and you look like you had a great time x

Maxabella said...

That is the loveliest story about the closeness of families, Kelly.

Your grandad LOOKS like a sweet man. He is very handsome and his kindness just radiates from his eyes.

Lovely pics, as ever. x

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story about your family. It looks like everyone had a great time at the farm.

Flower Photography said...

How heart warming!! Lovely pics Kelly.

Kim said...

That last picture of your daughter w/your grandad is GORGEOUS!