Saturday, October 2, 2010

Birds of Tokyo

{image found here}

Last night my hubby, my friend Mer, her sister and I headed down to Festival Hall, in Melbourne to see Birds of Tokyo perform live. They were so fucking awesome, they blew me away!

Live music is my religion, the venue is my church! I plan to worship as many bands as I can and visit many churches before I die!

I love live music; love the way it come up from your toes and vibrates through your body makes you shimmer all over!

In two weeks we are off to see Smashing Pumpkins and I can’t wait!

Unfortunately I forgot to have my little camera battery charged so I wasn’t able to take any pictures last night.


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Oh i love a live gig. We saw the Smashing Pumpkins play at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Sydney with the Opera House at sunset as the backdrop - sublime.


Dani said...

Never heard of these boys. Will check them out.

Krystal said...

oh my gosh, smashing pumpkins would be amazing to jealous!

Emily said...

I bet it was a great night!
How awesome that you get to see Smashing Pumkins in two weeks!! Jealous :)

Signe said...

Looks like a great time :)

Lizeylou said...

How fun!! There is something so ace about seeing live music - YAY!!