Friday, October 5, 2012

school holidays

We're heading into the last days of school holidays, and I'm feeling sad. I have enjoyed having the kids home, the house has come alive.  We have had some beautiful sunny spring weather, chasing away the winter blues. There is no rushing around to get everyone out the door in the mornings, and I can sleep in a little and stay up late reading. It's been nice to throw the usual routine out the window.

My brother in law Leon travel from London to stay with us for a week. It was fantastic having him here, he help out a lot and kept the kids entertained with walks to the rocket ship and mystery parks close by. We also took the kids to the movies to see Hotel Transylvania (really funny movie by the way), to the Melbourne Aquarium and to The Royal Botanic Gardens for a picnic lunch.  Reuben has been exhausted, hes been at the academy completing detective training for the last month. With no time off these holidays which has been a bit of a bummer! 


Meg said...

These photos are so darling! I just love them. And cute little ones :)

Sarah said...

Such gorgeous photos! I love the one of your boy on his own. What a handsome son you have.

All good things must come to an end. Including school holidays!