Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What's my name!

After close too four years of marriage and almost 15 years together, I am still undecided about what my last name should be. Officially I haven't changed my name - it's still Anderson on all the legal documents. But socially my friends and family know me as McAllister!

So I'm kinda both - Kelly Anderson and Kelly McAllister depending on where my mood takes me. And I think I'm OK with that...finally! Well for today anyway!

Before I was married I used to feel left out, all my children have my husbands last name and I was the only Anderson in our house. Now I like it, because I am different & I have something that is all mine.

Did you change your last name after marriage? Or did you keep it?


Photographer Mum said...

I changed my name to my husband's name - didn't think about it for a second. Guess I grew up with the mentality that you change your name when you get married. I also like the fact that that I have the same surname as my kids :)

Ellieboo said...

oh crap...I forgot to get married - ha ha - no name name change for me but I think anything goes these day.

Amanda xox

Kim H said...

Story of my life! I didn't change my name when I got married but I thought I'd hyphenate it for legal things. But then I dropped that Idea pretty quick smart becuase a 17 lettered last name is a pain in the butt, to say the least. But now I forgot what my name is on different things and when someone on the other end needs me to verify my details I never know which name to ay first. Sometimes it's even down as my husband's name which really confuses things. Maybe I should've just changed my name to his - I'm sure things would've been a lot simpler:) Such a great post, Kelly. x

Lizeylou said...

I changed mine and didn't think about it too much. Whatever works for you is good right?

Anonymous said...

I changed my last name when I got married. If I had a better maiden name I would have kept it.