Wednesday, May 11, 2011

wordless wednesday

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Cat said...

I feel a bit guilty...almost sneaking commenting on a post intended for Wednesday on a Tuesday :)

I adore this it captured through the hot smoke of a fire?

xx Cat brideblu

Kelly said...

@Cat, thank you for your comment. It's Wednesday today in Australia. This picture is taken though the window with rain pouring down ♥

Photographer Mum said...

Thanks for reminding me to join in! I am yet to learn the art of taking photos through windows. Gorgeous shot! Love it xx

Cate said...

hmmm, raining a bit at your place too 'eh??
Gr8 pic!!

LittleMissPip said...

I love this. A really interesting shot :)

Flower Photography said...

Nice! Different I like it :-)