Monday, May 9, 2011

Family Pictures

On Saturday afternoon we took a little drive into the Dandenong Ranges to take some family pictures.

I love the colours of the fallen autumn leaves, I have been meaning to take some nice pictures of the kids in a park with autumn leaves for years, just never got around to it until now. In fact I kinda demand it, as a mothers day present this weekend.

Silvan Reservoir Park is such a beautiful place to visit. We only had about an hour before the park was closed when we arrived. I would like to go back another time soon for a picnic and a stroll down one of the walking tracks.

So hard to get the kids off the large playground to pose for some picture. Not proud of it, but I had to yell abit and stomp my feet.

My sister Megan, lives close by and she was kind enough to come down and help us take a group family shot. We haven't had one of those taken since Skye was a few days old.

Here we all are: the McAllister Clan ♥

This is my favourite shot of the little vampire child haha!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous photos. There is absolutely nothing wrong with throwing a temper tantrum to get the kids to do what you want. I do it all the time!!

Belinda said...

Gorgeous photos as usual. I love a vampire child. X

Flower Photography said...

These are beautiful Kelly! I love the setting.

Photographer Mum said...

Gorgeous pics, Love the setting too

Catherine said...

Lovely family shots, it's so nice that you are able to get a new family photo time flies by so fast doesn't it. xo