Saturday, June 12, 2010

Night-time Warning

The strangest thing occurred last night. I was as sleep in bed and I woke suddenly startled, with the strongest smell of smoke in the air. I quickly got out of bed and check around my room to see if anything was on fire. Nothing was, so I when into the hall way and into the kids bedrooms were I saw a plastic bin was up against the heater in their room. I move it off, and checked to see if it was burn or hot and it wasn’t. By then my sister (who stayed over for a night) came into the hall way to see what was wrong and we went around the house to check nothing was on fire. Everything was fine, luckily. I ask Megan to check to see if she could smell smoke in my room, and she couldn’t smell any. I when back into my room and I couldn’t smell smoke any more. It was as if I had dreamed the whole thing up.

I feel like it was a warning, someone told me to check on in the children’s bed room and to remove the plastic bin away from the heater. Whenever I do my Titania's Fortune Cards, I always get the card that says “that I am looked after, as if by gods”. I think my family and I were last night!