Monday, June 28, 2010

Anti Model

Skye has become almost difficult to photograph lately. I think she has had enough of being mummy’s hair clip model. When my camera comes out, she frowns and refused to look my way. I rarely get a smile or eye contact from her anymore. I am hopeful that it’s just a phase and that one day soon it will change and she will like having her picture taken again.

Does anyone have any tips to help a 4 year old anti model?


Lis said...

Hey, no tips but my Mr 6 is the same, is hating the camera these days! Changes it up between his cheese grimace or straight out covering his face and telling me to go away. If you figure out a solution let me know :)

Kelly said...

Hi Lis, thank you for your comment! I'm working on a solution, will let you know if I find it :)