Friday, March 22, 2013

Skye said she is dressed like a Spy today for a free dress day at school. I love the way she chooses her own clothes. She comes up with the most unusual outfits. No fear of what anyone thinks. I could really take a page out of her book in this regard. Skye enjoys a mix match of colours and when she can bare feet just like her mummy.


{ Nina Designs } said...

Lovely photos! So fresh!

Kym Piez said...

Oh Kelly, I love her style! My children are more adventurous with colour and style than I am. Like today, I was looking at my son Madison and couldn't believe how well he'd put himself together. I would never have thought to put it all together like he did.

She is gorgeous. xx

Krystal said...

aw she's a cutie, love the spy outfit, ha!