Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Auction

Well…our house didn’t sell at auction on Saturday, which really sucks!

The real estate agents were very excited before the auction began.  We had an open house half an hour before. There were around 20 people walking around our property when we arrived 5 minutes before the auction started.  Everything was looking positive. We walked though our back gate and came in through our back door and decided to listen to the auction from our master bedroom. We could hear everything perfectly and we remained unseen to the public.

We had some close friends & my family come along for support. Some mingled in the crowd and my best friends Lee, her husband Garry and my oldest friend Sam stayed with us while the auction was on. It started off slow, someone place a stupid bid well under the price any house would sell for these days. The auctioneers place a vender's bid higher to get the ball rolling. Then it started to move a little faster, lots of silly little bids and then it stopped dead and our house was passed in. We stayed in the bedroom while our real estate agents tried to negotiate a reasonable offer from the highest bidder. She wasn’t prepared to make an offer at that time, but wanted to bring her father back later that night to get his option.  All these vultures; bargain hunters (investors & developers) were hanging around outside waiting to see if they could also get our house for next to nothing.  Numbers and details were collected by the real estate agents, most of them didn’t seem like they would make a fair offer either.

We had to change our plans that night to allow another viewing by the highest bidder with her father, turns out she cancelled and we are down $50 (extra time in the kennel for our dogs) for no good reason. Beside our house not selling and no real offers the worst moment of the day was when I discovered lace from my underwear draw sticking out when we entered our master room. I felt sick knowing that some stranger was riffling through my personal drawers. It’s so rude, and a big intrusion on what little privacy we have while our house is on the market. I cannot think of one good reason why a buyer would need to do that!!! Just nosy and horrible! I bet you they didn’t even bid, properly just came for a sticky beak.

We put on sausage sizzle after the ordeal was over for our family and friends.  My girlfriends were awesome and supplied me with plenty of champagne, to soften the blow. Reuben and his mates drank beer.  My parents and sister took Phoenix & Skye back to their place for a sleep over which was wonderful because I just couldn’t deal with parenting the kids after the failed auction. Our friends, Alex, Reuben & I headed to the cinema to see The Hunger Games. I loved it by the way; it’s almost as good as the book. 

So the next week will be tough, if we get no fair offers. We will have to figure out a plan. Do we keep the house on the market or rent it out. One thing is for sure we are not desperate enough sell it for less than its worth.


trace mussger said...

oh hun that SUCKS!!!
i hope someone comes along & offers u what your lovely place is worth


In Real Life said...

That's really too bad. I hope that you get a great offer soon! :)

Kim H said...

I so feel for you, Kelly. These are tough, tough times for you guys. Selling is terrible at the best of times but going through an unsuccessful auction is the pits. Who knows what this coming week will bring, though. I so hope there's some good news for you just around the corner. A good price and a speedy sale would be a lovely start to the week:)

Blythe said...

Oh Kelly, that really is so disappointing. I hope this week brings some really good offers for you guys. I kept you in mind when we were inspecting houses over the weekend, it's uncomfortable for both sides, I can't believe the nerve of people to go through drawers and personal stuff. Just revolting.

Sarah said...

I'm so sorry for your disappointment. I can only imagine how bad that felt. Hope the wine helped. I'd have had lots of tears as well.

Your place really does look lovely. The right people just haven't found it yet!

{ Nina Designs } said...

That's because the right family hasn't arrived to your home just yet! Stay positive honey!

Photographer Mum said...

I can't believe a stranger would go through your drawers! How rude!
Hope the right people come along soon. I have never been in your position before so I can't imagine what it's like. I have everything crossed for you, and that a fair sale will be coming soon.


Mel said...

I am really sorry that you didn't get any offers. Hopefully, something good will happen.