Saturday, February 4, 2012


Things have been hectic around here. We painted the entire house inside and out and it looks amazing. Fresh paint makes a huge difference, the house feels younger and more free, somehow. Just need to paint the carport and then all the painting is done! Inside - the walls have been done in Antique White and the trim in Vivid White - Outside - Rusted Crimson (mission brown be gone).

Lot's of things have been sorted and thrown out. De-cluttering feels good for your soul and will make packing up and moving easier.

The children started school for the year on Wednesday. It feels weird not having them here at home all day. Phoenix especially is exhausted after this first few days and has been falling asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow.

Our house is signed up for an Auction on 24th March, with open for inspections starting every Saturday from 18th February. Its very scary and so very grown up of us.

My store is almost empty, I have had no time to fill it with beautiful designs that I have stored in my head. Hopefully we will have a quick sell and I can focus on my handmade business again.

Sorry the pretty pictures of my daughter Alex, have nothing to do with this post. I will post pictures of our old house once everything is complete.