Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Skye's 6th Birthday

On Saturday we celebrated Skye's 6th Birthday. Time fly's by so fast, I can't believe my baby is now such a big girl. 

We started off with afternoon tea; fruit punch, popcorn, caramel slice, strawberries & marshmallows with chocolate dipping sauce, cupcakes, chocolate crackles, peanut butter slice, chips, crackers and dip. I was going to make fairy bread too, but I forgot all about it. Skye's birthday cake was a four layer pink cake complete with homemade ribbon bunting.

After eating and playing for a few hours some of us walked down to the park to work off some of that sugar and the rest stay back to clean up afternoon tea to make room for dinner preparations.

Almost everyone stayed and had roast lamb and chicken, with roast potatoes and salads. I drank a little too much wine and had a hangover the next day.

Skye had fantastic day with close friends, my cousin Lee & her husband Gaz (Its times like these I wished my parents celebrated birthdays).


Ellieboo said...

Happy Birthday to Skye - cake looks DEVINE.....I so want to make one of these but seeing as though I can barely cook toast, Im not so sure I should.

Amanda xox

Kelly said...

Thank you Amanda. The cake was easy - I just used four packet butter cake mixes & coloured them. And make lots of buttercream to put between the layers & around the cake.

Blythe said...

Happy birthday, Skye! The cake does look so great, the first thing that caught my eye!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Skye. Your party looks wonderful and I love the cake!!