Saturday, November 5, 2011

November = No Alcohol

This month I have decided to drink no alcohol, excluding cup day when I drank two bottles of wine all on my own. It doesn't count anyways, because it was a public holiday!

I have been drinking a lot of alcohol lately, don't get me wrong I am not drunk every day. One, two glasses of wine or a beer every night (shh...sometimes three or four if I'm having a bad day) is what helped me get the motivation to cook dinner and start to unwind and relax after a busy day.

But I feel like my body needs a break...I feel like shit; foggy and sluggish. I need less toxins in my blood. 

Day 4 and I am already finding it tough. I filled my wine glass with water the other night, just didn't feel the same.


Lizeylou said...

Good on you.
Trust me you will start to feel better. I stopped drinking about 10 years ago and once I got used to it and my friends got used to me being sober while they were very messy - it's been great.
Enjoy your soberness (is that even a word?)

Blythe said...

It does feel better after a while, I really noticed a difference in myself after 8 weeks of not drinking. I started again and I hate feeling like crap. I try and make something else to look forward to in the evenings, like a few nice chocolate biscuits with a cup of green tea or a summer fruit salad and yoghurt or whatever would be a "treat" for you. After a few weeks I got the "habit" of drinking out of my mind. Good luck, you will be happy you did it.

Photographer Mum said...

Good for you :) Wishing you well on this journey - I don't drink so I don't really know how it feels, but I am cheering for you. Hope you start feeling less sluggish soon