Friday, November 4, 2011

The Grates

I have been trying to blog about The Grates gig I went to on Halloween for days now, but I have been lost for words. There's no words to describe how fucking incredible the experiences was! Seriously it was the best gig I have ever been too!!! And that's saying a lot, I have been to some amazing gigs! 

It's the second time I have seen The Grates perform - the first time was in 2009 at the Forum, and I was blown away that time too. This time was even better, the energy in the bar was electric! Every person in the venue - was pumped! No-one was standing still, everyone was moving and jumping to the music. 

I attended the gig with three of my friends; Leish, Scott and Rob. Leish and Scott have been exchanging tweets with Patience - the lead singer from The Grates for months now. About cats, beer and all sorts of cool things. So Leish is awesome (insert the word stalker here) and we arrived at outside the Hi-Fi bar in Melbourne around 5.30pm. The doors didn't open until 7.30. Early is a total understatement. And you know what, The Grates walked pass us and Patience stop to talk to Leish and I got to shake her hand. Leish and Scott had made Patience a present - schoonerslayerz (twitter thing) tshirt! And she loved it and put that tshirt on, and had her picture take with Leish. 

So an hour in a long line later we enter the bar and sealed prime position in the front row of the stage. We watched and swayed to the first support band Loon Lake - they were good! While waiting for the next band Patience came into the crowd and up to the front row and handed Leish and Scott some beers we chatted to her for about 5 mins before anyone else around us noticed who it was! The next band came on Last Dinosaurs, the lead singer was wearing coolest poncho!

The Grates arrive on stage dressed perfectly for Halloween in white with red blood splatter - and played the best gig ever! Patience is awesome in every way! She high fived our little group during one of her songs, I wish I could remember which one but it was days and two bottle of wine ago now. I got some of her some of the fake blood on my arm when she was crowd surfing. I was never going to wash off  - but I decide to be a grown up and showered for cup day other wise I would have smelled at BBQ!

Next time The Grates are playing somewhere near you - make sure you go! Meanwhile see The Grates Tour Blog!

Pic above - taken by Scott Triffle all mine were blurry :)


Sarah said...

I love The Grates music and always thought they would be great live. It sounds amazing!! Patience rocks.

Lizeylou said...

I love the Grates .. wish I knew you in real life so I could have gone with you. You always see the best bands!

Kelly said...

@lizeylou - next time I'd love to meet you some day, your ace!