Saturday, August 13, 2011

Self Portraits


I was outside taking some self portraits today with my iPhone. I was experimenting, trying to find the right light, the right angle and the right background when I spotted a lovely bush with beautiful pink flowers across the road from my house.  I was having a merry old time getting my snap on, when the neighbour open his gate to see what I was up too.  

He was worried I was some weirdo at the front of there house! Its pretty funny now that I think about it, but I was embarrassed at the time. Moral of the story make sure nobody is watching when you are taking random pictures of yourself he he!


Anonymous said...

I would be embarrassed too!! Sounds like you had fun though and the pics you got are terrific.

Kennagurl said...

That happened to me i was at the store once I was in the car snapping away and a old man was sitting in the car next to me the whole time! said...

Ha that would happen to me! They turned out pretty!!