Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I've had such a busy start to the week,
lots of new goodies added to my store.

Tones of orders have been handmade,
I love what I do, it brings so much joy!

I feel so truly blessed,
to create with my heart everyday.

I have such wonderful customers,
and a loving supportive husband to packs the parcels.


Blythe said...

Kelly, your things are just so sweet and beautiful,. you are so very talented!

In Real Life said...

Wow, very beautiful items! I like the first pendant, and the strawberry hair clips are so sweet!

Anonymous said...

You do such beautiful work.

Anonymous said...
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Simone - honeyandfizz said...

They all look gorgeous Kelly xx

Lizeylou said...

I love all of these ... off to have a look at your shop now!!

Andrea said...

These are beautiful Kelly!

Kymmie said...

You have a great life. Getting paid to make pretty things. Not too shabby hey?

Lucky girl. xx