Sunday, August 7, 2011


Loving this Sunday,
started early with a family trip to the movies.

Taking pictures of new blooming flowers in our garden,
spring seem to be coming early this year.

Helped Phoenix edit his own pictures with picnik,
so that he could start his own blog.

Late lunch of dips, cheese and biscuits,
cuddling and kissing my hubby on the couch.

Glass of wine in my hand,
with the divine smells of roasting chicken and vegetables filling up the house.

How is your Sunday?


Krys said...

Beautiful photos.
Yeah I've noticed Spring starting already too. I do love it, but I wish it would hold off for a little while longer, since we're meant to be going up to the snow in a couple of weeks.

Blythe said...

What a beautiful Sunday. We had a roast last night too, ahh, the smell of it throughout the house!