Wednesday, July 6, 2011

shopping trip

After making hair clip orders all morning, I stepped outside wearing my favourite scarf.  I have had this scarf for many years, it warm, soft and chuck, I love it.

My beautiful sister Megan, had the day off work so she came around to visit this afternoon. She had the fantastic idea to go shopping, taking all three kids with us. We end up in Spotlight (craft store) buying gorgeous Dupioni silk so that I can make some rolled fabric flowers. I can easily spend hours in Spotlight, and always come out with more creative ideas in my head.

Over the last few years, I have been making my sister one of a kind headbands. When she wears them out, she gets stopped by strangers asking her were she got her headband. Megan has been trying to talk me into making a women's range for a little now. She was very insistent that I gather supplies and make some designs and put them on my website so that her friends have a place to buy them.

Poor Phoenix missed out on having his picture taken. Has has developed the very bad habit of running off when ever I take my iPhone out before I can snap a shot. But here are my girls, Alex and Skye. Megan and I were exhausted after our little shopping trip. Having three kids with you, seems to make you more tired than if you went shopping alone.


Kymmie said...

Oh, you should definitely promote your stuff. Go to markets, and approach boutiques.

Your headwear is just so gorgeous. And yes, I agree with you totally: shopping in Spotlight with three kids is exhausting! So nice to be back visiting you.


Blocks and Knocks said...

I lasted 16 minutes in Spotlight on Saturday with my 2 kids. I got what I needed, eldest one screamed the whole time, so I left without browsing. Bugga! I love that place. And yes please put some of your headwear up for all to see when you have made your first batch:)

m.e (Cathie) said...

i was going to say I only have two & they would drive me crazy in spotlight.

yay, go for it with the new line, your kids stuff is amazing & I bet your womens range will be even better.

looking forward to seeing your new creations Kel ♥

Maxabella said...

I would love adult versions of your clips and hairbands. I often wish that the 'kid' stores would make grown up versions of their beautiful products. The cute hair accessories, the a-line skirts in fun fabrics... that sort of stuff. x