Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Fairy Princess

Skye had a special day at school today. The children in her class dressed up in fairytale costumes, made fairy bread, they paraded around in front of the school show off there pretty outfits. There were lots of fairies, princesses, queens, knights, pirates and red hiding hoods.

Skye wanted to be both a fairy and a princess, so we combined the two. A big thanks to my husband who took these pictures this morning before he dropped of the kids at school. I was having lovely a sleep-in!


Naomi said...

So cute! my girls are loving that crown. Total princess outfit. Love it!

Cate said...

Oh I do love it when schools organise a bit of fun like this. I mean sure, they can work it in to the curriculum to justify it - but really, it's just something fun that the kids really enjoy - and that is just so special!!
She looks beautiful!
Hope you had a nice sleepin (*jealous*)

Photographer Mum said...

She is so cute! My eldest starts school next year - I hope they have dress up days!

Anonymous said...

She is a perfect fairy princess.

Blythe said...

Ooh, she looks gorgeous! My daughter would be sqealing in amazement if she saw Skye's outfit!

Paula said...

Lovely! She must have had such a wonderful time x