Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kris Kringle

Reuben and I have the most amazing group of friends. Some of them have been friends with Reuben since high school and others he met in university. One of them my cousin Leeann I have known almost all my life and the other Sammy I met in Primary School.

Most have been there since Alex was born, almost 13 years ago now. If they came in later, the feels like they have been in the group the whole time. They helped us raise Alex in lots of supportive ways. We were only 19 – 20 years old went she came into the world and clueless. Now they are all starting to have their own children and the group just keeps getting bigger. We will need a hall to fit us all in shortly.

Every year we get together and do Kris Kringle . Kris Kringle used to be about partying hard and drinking lots, now it’s more about the children. It’s so weird to see everyone growing up and becoming responsible.

The most exciting news is that Sammy and Glenn are pregnant with their first child and Angela and Shane have a second on the way. The funny thing is, they have the same due date, 29th July!

My friends rock! Do you have a big group of friends you hang out with?


Sweet Birdie Blue said...

arent great friends friggn AWESOME!!!
they add soooooooo much to your life that literally life would not be worth living without them!!
My circle is not that big but they mean the absolute world to me & i adore them beyond belief.
Glad to be back reading your blog again...i check it everyday lol

trace xo

In Real Life said...

It sounds like lots of fun! :)