Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cold War Kids

Last Tuesday night, my friend Mer and I headed to the Forum in Melbourne to see Cold War Kids live. I have liked the Cold War Kids even since Twilight the movie came out.  I was quite obsessed with all things Twilight and read a blog post about Catharine Hardwick’s favourite music.  On the list, was the Cold War Kids and I check out them out and fell in love with the music. It’s rather funny whenever I told anyone I was going to see the Cold War Kids most of my friends didn’t know how they are.  That happens a lot, must mean I have unique music tastes. 

We started the night with a beer and a pub meal and ended to the venue. We got the so early, it was almost empty.  The support band was great, an Australian band from Sydney. Unfortunately I can’t remember their name.  By the time the support act left the stage, the whole place was full. Mer and I were lucky and found our spot in six rows from the front. Then the Cold War Kids came one and rocked the house! They were truly amazing and played a fantastic range from their old albums. They also play a lot from their new album that doesn’t come out until 25th January.

{the good and the bad - all pictures taken by me}


Scott said...

Cold War Kids are fantastic, sounds like a great show. I can't wait to start getting to more gigs this year!

The Clip Cafe said...

Glad you get to go out and have a fun night.