Thursday, December 16, 2010

skye's sleep

Skye takes a while to fall asleep every night. The bed time routine doesn’t change, and she is in bed by 7.30-8pm every night (unless we are out). But it’s not uncommon for her to still be awake at 10pm. She lies in her bed, and looks at the pictures in books; sometimes she draws or plays with her dolls. I was like this as a child too, so I’m not too worried about it.

The other night around 9pm Skye got out of her bed and came into the lounge room and told me she was having scary dreams. I knew for a fact that she hadn’t even been asleep yet, and asked her what her dream was about. When Skye blurted out “Killing things” with a strange look on her face I got chills down my spine. She saw my reaction and quickly told me her dreams were about monsters. So I tucked her back into bed and told her that monsters aren’t real and only pretend and that they couldn’t hurt her.

Later that night when I started to think about it. I felt like she only said monsters because I she realised I didn’t like her first answer. Now I am feeling a little freaked out. Is she really having dreams about killing things, is that why she doesn’t go to sleep easily at night?

{photograph taken my me}


sbb said...

i can understand your concern as i was the same at her age & plagued by bad dreams at night of trying to kill things that are trying to harm me & my hasn't changed and at 44 i still go thru these nightmares every single night & have done since i was a child.
Wether the nightmares may have stopped had i seen someone about it as a kid i dont know but i am so used to them now {i do wish they would stop tho}
Best of luck with it all Kel xo

The Clip Cafe said...

Oh a bit unnerving! Has she seen anything on TV or computer that may have triggered it? I can remember reoccurring dreams I had as a child - I was trapped in this what seemed to be like a compound and whenever I tried to get out i never could and this person (same one) would always appear...Funny how somethings stay with you - don't remember any good dreams!! I hope it is just a phase or something and doesn't last long. Maybe lots of cuddles (i know she would get lots now anyway!) and reassurance she can tell you what ever is bothering her. I think I would have reacted the same tho - not very good at concealing my reactions etc my face always gives things away :-)

MultipleMum said...

Nugget is exactly the same (I wrote about it recently too because it worries me that he isn't getting enough sleep). I hope your Skye is okay and sleeps like the proverbial baby tonight :)

Dani said...

My kids are little night owls, too. So I don't even bother putting them to bed until 8:45-9:00pm.

I'd be taken aback as well. After a couple days has passed, you might ask her again and talk about it with her. Then you will both be removed enough from the situation that you might be able to get to the truth of the situation. I'm sure it's nothing to be worried about. Sometimes kids will say things just to get attention and then realize they "overplayed" their hand.

Maxabella said...

My son has never surrendered the day easily. He fights it.

"Killing things" - to me it sounds like the usual overactive childhood imagination! You won't know where she got such a thought, but they are sponges, remember. They see and hear far more than we realise. If she's lying awake at night perhaps she can hear your tv or something like that? I wouldn't let it trouble you, Kelly. Max uses 'bad dreams' as an excuse for attention... he hasn't slept yet either!! x

Lou @ Little Green Shed said...

Hello I have just found your lovely blog via the buckles. Such a gorgeous photo of skye. We are snowed in today, so no work, YAY! I have a cuppa and ready for a good read. Have a wonderful day! LOu xx