Thursday, November 4, 2010

Eerie Feeling

Yesterday afternoon, I was alone in the house for a few hours. The children were at school/kinder and my husband was a work. I was sitting at my work table making hair clips and the feeling of being watched crept up on me. I didn’t feel alone in the house anymore. The sensation started to freak me out, so I got up and walk around the house checking each room to make sure no one was there. The house was completely empty but I still felt like someone was there!

This isn’t the first time I have had this eerie feeling happen to me. But it was been a while since the last occurrence.  I didn’t feel like it wanted to harm me, but I didn’t feel loved either. Most times I have this particular feeling I smell violets and roses and I know it’s my Nanna checking in on me. And I feel loved and secure. Yesterday it was a different feeling and not necessary bad. It just wasn’t my Nanna this time.

Do you believe in sprits? Do you have any stories to tell?

Side note - have ever googgled ghost pictures? There is a lot of scary shit out there that will send shivers down your spine.


Anonymous said...

I get this feeling too. The other night it was so strong that I too went and checked all the rooms, and nothing!
And when I go into the garage to do washing, I also get the feeling that I am not alone(the feeling happens more in there)it freaks me out!

We live in a pretty old house, and I have been told that the lady who lived here with her husband passed, then the elderly man moved away with family.

I have also felt that my Aunty Sandra has visited me. It's hard to explain the feeling, but I just know it's her! :)

As for the feeling I get at home. I don't like it much. I try to look happy and go about my business, but It feels like someone is just walking around the house!

Hopefully you will get some answers about whats going on at your place. I wonder if mediums are cheap? Probably not.

Mummahh said...

oh gosh how freaky!
our old house in Sydney had a elderly man die in it and we had no dramas at all, when we sold it, to a relative, he rang us and said this house is possessed, wierd things are happening here! i thought it was hilarious, but he was quite serious-he moved out!

life in a pink fibro said...

Wow. Have never felt anything like that - but I confess to being skeptical, so maybe I just never noticed?

Clara in Paradise said...

I am very skeptical, which hasn't stopped me from being spooked sometimes. I blame my lizard brain. :)

Signe said...

Oh wow that is creepy!

I have never gotten that feeling myself but once I was alone at home with my two cats and they were playing around with each other and then they suddenly stopped dead both of them sitting up looking at something moving their head simultaneously, just like someone was walking by. It was really creepy! But then after a few seconds they lost interest and just went along with their business so I figured it was nothing to worry about :)

Anonymous said...

I have lots of very scary experiences, going back to when I was young. The most harrowing experience was when I was twenty and lived in a share house in Abbottsford, it was an old two story terrace, a huge house. We had many ghostly experiences but it came to a head one night when I was there with just one of my housemates. He and I were in his bedroom watching a movie upstairs. All of a sudden we heard someone run up the stairs, we were waiting for my boyfriend to walk in the room, but no one came in. Then we heard someone rummaging around in the kitchen down stairs, drawers opening and closing, cupboard doors slamming. Sean and I shit ourselves and locked ourselves in the bathroom thinking there was an intruder. We then heard them run up the stairs agian and walk slowly down the hallway, past the bathroom and into Sean's room that backed onto the bathroom, we heard his wardrobe door sliding open and the coat hangers sliding back and forth. Then we heard the stop outside the bathromm door, I was scared I was going to be shot through the door or something because we had been calling out "Who's there?" and there was no reply, so we thought whomever was in the house didn't care that we were home. Then it all went quiet, so we worked up the courage to open the door, run into Sean's room and I called D24 (police). I told them what had happened and they said they would be there ASAP. We ran into my bedroom down the other end of the house and locked ourselves in there. We went out onto the balcony and the police were there within 5 minutes. The front door was locked so I threw the keys down to them. They came in and we met them downstairs. The checked the place out, there was not one door or window unlocked, nothing out of place and no one there. We were so freaked out and told the police what had happened, and they said, don't worry, we get calls like this often!
Anyway - the police left, Sean and I sat in the family room downstairs just looking at each other not knowing what to think, then we heard someone walking around Sean's bedroom above us. We got out of there quick smart! We waited until my boyfriend got home from work and went back inside. I felt a bit safer there with him home. I wen to bed and he came running up the stairs (the sound freaked me out) and ran into our bedroom and said that he was making coffee in the kitchen and all three blinds in the family spun up to the top by themselves.
This is just one story from this house, it was haunted without a doubt.
I have more stories that I will share if anyone is interested. Just ask!

MultipleMum said...

I have so many stories to tell that I will write my own post next week and link you in! This stuff scares the bejesus out of me and yet it is there.

Kristi said...

growing up my auntie would tell the best supernatural stories...she was so in tune with it.

Kelly said...

@Emily I have also wondered what mediums cost. Might have to find out one day soon.

@Mummahh I think some people are more sensitive to that sort of thing then others. Or maybe a spirit chooses who to show themselves too. Maybe they really liked your family and hated the next person that moved it.

@Signe and Kathleen, your stories sent shivers down my spine :)

@MultipleMum can't wait to read your post next week.

@life in a pink fibro, Clara in Paradise I imagine there is more skeptical people than beleivers. My husband usually very skeptical too.

@Kristi my family seems to be more tune in too when compaird with others.

Dani said...

**chill bumps**

I don't really have that feeling...except when I'm in the shower washing my face or hair and can't open my eyes because of the soap. I just know someone is there and I'll open my eyes and they will be watching me.

I have a thing with dreams. I have had dreams that are in a way cryptic...but then end up being a warning of something bad.

For instance: I had a dream that me and the kids were here in the house and that I went out to our garage and there was a stranger in there with a baseball bat. They had come in through the garage door that leads out to our backyard. It hadn't been locked.

So I wake up and go to check the door. Sure wasn't locked.

These dreams happen a lot and many times they are an omen.

Maxabella said...

I have mever been freaked out, but I have seen a ghost in an old house we lived in in Surry Hills in Sydney. It was a house where many, many people reported strange things happening to them - weird dreams, unexplained nausea, out-of-body experiences (although that could just have been the drugs!). Like in life, I believe most souls mean only good. But I still find them unsettling to think about. I can't even watch Ghost Whisperer so I don't think I'll be googling anytime soon. x

Kim said...

Creepy! I'm now both intrigued and scared to death to google ghost pix!

Sass said...

Coming into late to this...
I've had loads of ghostly experiences, I used to do a lot of reiki, after sessions i've had some strange encounters with spirits.

My mums house in the UK is haunted, the woman who refuses to move on likes to open curtains and gets cross if people don't shut doors.
She's been known to slam the door after you leave the room. :) But she's harmless and we came to feel comfortable around her.

If you ever feel that you have a visitor that you don't want near you, imagine you are wearing a heavy cloak. Imagine the cloak has the power to make you invisible. When you wear the cloak you have the power to tell anyone who is there to go away and they cannot go near you. If you want to make contact, take the cloak off.
You can also place a shield around you for protection.
Smudging the house could also be useful if you want the house cleansed.

Need anymore info, shoot me an email and I would be happy to help!