Sunday, September 5, 2010


So sorry I have been missing from the blogging world. My daughter Alex had another big school assignment she needed to complete, so she has been on the computer for the last three days. This might be a great excuse to looking into getting a laptop, if her work load continues.

Thank you everyone for your comments on Thursdays post regarding the assignment Alex had due. In the end I went to bed myself and my husband got up early in the morning and helped Alex complete her Edward Scissorhands report. I have mixed feeling about the homework she gets sometimes. I don’t think that Edward Scissorhands was age appropriate for 12 year olds. There were a couple of sexual themed scenes I cringed at while watching it with my daughter. Children are forced to grow up too fast, I know our parents said the same thing about us, but I feels even truer today than it was when we was back then.

Homework adds stress to children and parents. How wonderful it would be if they could come home and spend time doing things they enjoy after a long hard day at school. This might sound naïve, there must be a good reason for homework or teachers and schools wouldn’t give it to students....Right?

Anyway I am going to have a late night catching up with my favourite blogs.


Jasmine said...

I'm in agreement with research/reports that suggest getting rid of homework altogether for certain age groups. I can see it being necessary for perhaps grades 10, 11 and 12, but anything before that, I honestly struggle to understand why it's necessary - beyond completing work they were doing at school, that is.

With all the importance placed on kids needing to be physically active these days, why send them home with hours of homework to complete? It's just keeping them indoors when they could be outside playing. It's enough that they've been learning all day at school.

The occasional assignment is fine, but obligatory '2 hours of homework every evening' is rubbish.

(And just for reference this is coming from someone who went right up to a masters at university, so it's not that I'm anti-learning or think education is rubbish!)

Maxabella said...

What a beautiful photo.

I'm so worried about the homework factor. It's going to be very hard for us to fit it into our working parent schedule and I am just not prepared for my children to go without precious sleep in order to get homework completed. What to do?

I agree totally with the comment made by Jasmine. Kids should be outside enjoying their childhood, not stuck with hours more of schoolwork every night.


Dani said...


Kristi said...

i am not looking forward to the homework stage...i totally agree with all of you.

ps. she is a gorgeous girl.