Wednesday, August 25, 2010

conversation in the car

Doing the school run this morning l I was listening to my Franz Ferdinand CD in the car, and the song “No you Girls” came on

The conversation in the back-sit went a bit like this:

Skye “I don’t like this song”

Phoenix “Why not Skye, I love this song”

Skye “I don’t like when he talks about the kissing part”

Phoenix “one day Skye you are going to grow up and a boy will kiss you, and you will get a house, have babies and marry him”

Skye was silent. I don’t know if it was because she doesn’t like this idea or if she accepts this is what could happen.

Phoenix was pretty much describing how Reuben and I got together when we were 18, I fell in love and it started with a kiss, I moved in to his house 2 months later, pregnant with our first Alex 5 months in and then had another two babies Phoenix and Skye after that we finally got married. It might sounds like we did things the wrong away around, but it was the perfect way to do things for us!


MultipleMum said...

Bless! I don't think it matters which way it all happens. It is just great when you find someone you love. What happens after that gets to be your little story. Thanks for sharing this - your girls sound divine x

kyndell walsh said...

hey! i also happen to like franz ferdinand :) i always wonder how having an older & "wiser" sister will affect Miranda- my six year old.(guess i'll find out eventually) these kinds of conversations are starting to form between my girls. my oldest is 12. the way you guys met sounds sweet & used to be so much more common & natural than in todays world (internet dating!!!???) i got married at 22 which was pretty young~ by todays standard~ but i wouldn't change a thing:)

Dani said...

Here's a snippet of a car conversation between The Offspring:

The Girl: I don't want to be married because you kiss.
The Boy: It's OK. You can get it over with quick and then do something fun.

Kids seem to have it all figured out, huh?

Love your kids' names.

Lizeylou said...

Kids and kissing is such a funny topic
A girl we know has taken quite a fancy to my little boy. She wanted to play the "dating" game with him and when he asked what that was she said
"well, first we kiss"
He was straight out of there yelling
"Well I am certainly not doing that!!"

Simone - honeyandfizz said...

How funny! My eldest used to screw up his face when he thought about kissing, now he doesnt seem to mind the idea! eeeek :)

Erin Wallace said...

I remembering having conversations like this with Collin, who is now 12. Now I hear he's asking his father just how to kiss a girl. Things change too quickly!

xo Erin

Kelly said...

hehe, yes they grow up way to fast, I have a 12 year old too, and she seems to like the idea of kissing.