Saturday, July 17, 2010

a little bit about me

My favourite colour has always been purple, but I think I am secretly in love with blue!

I wear my black and white converse shoes everywhere!

Ever since I can remember, I have a huge fascination with death. And I love cemeteries. 

Love going to concerts to see live bands!

I am a jeans, and t-shirt kind of girl, but I also like to dress up when I go out somewhere special!

I have a loving and supportive husband, I'd be lost without him. We have been married for 2 1/2 years, but we have been together for 13 1/2 years!

New Years Eve, is my favourite celebration of all, every year we get together with our group of friends and have a big dress-up party. Last years theme was uniforms; I was a drunken sailor hehe!

I am obessed with the Twilight books, I love Edward!

I love taking photos, but I hate looking at pictures of myself. This post makes me cringe, but it has to be done!

I am shy when I meet new people, and hardly speak a word!

I have been a bridesmaid twice, for two of my best friends; Shona and then Sammy!

I was named after my grandad Hugh Kelly, who is acually my uncle. My mother's parents died when she was young and her older sister Matilda along with her husband helped to raise her.

I became a mum 10 days after my 20th birthday

I love music, but I am fussy and don't usually like main stream stuff.  My favorite band is The Doors and my favorite singer is Tori Amos

I was born in the small country town of Numerkah. I lived in a house that my father built until I was 10 and moved closer to Melbourne because dad wanted to give us a better future.


Maxabella said...

Thanks for sharing, Kelly. I really love your blog and It's so nice to get to know you a bit better. I'm thrilled that even though you are really shy, in the blogging world you can comment away so I didn't know that about you.

Your children are so gorgeous and their mum is too. Don't worry about having your picture taken. I don't know why you do, but I shy away from the camera because I think I'm too fat, but how silly is that. I'm walking around happy like this, aren't I? And I feel attractive enough. Must work on that!