Monday, July 26, 2010

The great art works of Skye

Skye and I are having a tranquil day at home, I am making hair clip orders and she is drawing up a storm. I thought it would be cool, to document some of her great works of art.

  {rainbow caterpillar with glasses}

{mummy in the swiming pool}

 {sad girl}

Skye has been so hungry today this is her eating her third breakfast. I am running out of different things to feed this girl. She might be going through a growth spurt again.


Kristi said...

she is very cute, and please tell her i really love her rainbow caterpillar with glasses.

Kelly said...

Thank you Kristi, I told her and she was had the biggest smile on her face :)

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Oh, I do love that rainbow caterpillar with glasses! Gorgeous. And I know what you mean about growth spurts - thank goodness for cereal and pasta!

Justine said...

Awww these are just so precious!!!
They would look fantastic framed, up on a wall.
I cant wait until my 2 yr old draws more than just round circle scribbles LOL.
And yes, def sounds like a growth spurt!!!
BTW - I am thinking of investing in a SLR - and I'm asking everyone what they use and seeing your photo's are so good I thought I would ask you!!! Hope you don't mind me being nosey? xox

Kelly said...

Hi Justine! How silly of me I didn’t even think of framing her pictures, that is a wonderful idea. No problems the camera I use is a canon ESO 50D and lens on my camera body is 18mm-200mm. And I love it!

MultipleMum said...

She's quite the artist! Impressive.

Justine said...

Hey, thanks heaps for the camera info Kelly. I am glad you said it's a Canon as I am looking @ a Canon but the EOS 1000D 'cause it's a bit more in my price range!!!!
Very exciting!!!! I will be entering the SLR world LOL.
take care xox

Bel said...

I'm jumping on the rainbow caterpillar wagon.
Another thought if you don't want to frame them (if you frame one you may have to frame them all) is to find a fairly cheap digital frame and you can scan her pics and she can have the frame in her room to proudly display her work

Kelly said...

Thanks Bel, that's am awesome idea :)