Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend in Pictures

{phoenix came along shopping for some new PJ's}

{new headband and necklace for me from diva}

{ new vampire books to read and cd to listen too} 

{warming up by the fire}

{cocktails with my sister before seeing sex in the city 2 in the cinema}

{roast lamb with fresh rosemary from our garden}

{skye played with her barbies}

{alex did her homework}

{kendra and buffy play fighting}

{last day of the beard, reuben shaved it off tonight}

{rain quite a bit on saturday left a big muddy puddle by the front gate on sunday}


Annah said...

I loved all your pictures, especially the fire and the children. Beautiful, both of them :) I didn't like SATC2 :( I was very disappointed.

Kelly said...

Hi Annah,

Thank you for your comment. SATC2 was ok, not the best movie in the world but I still enjoyed it. The cocktails before the movie properly helped:)