Sunday, May 23, 2010

weekend in pictures

leeann, me and sarah...

close up

beautiful sarah and leeann

my beautiful cousins and my beautiful children

skye running on the sand

alex, skye and phoenix

the water was freezing

phoenix and alex deep in conversation

bear hug

happy faces

silly faces

skye refused to walk

We spend most of Saturday in the city. We started off in sweetheart’s cafe in Port Melbourne eating brunch with my cousins Sarah and Leeann to celebrate Garry's birthday. Garry's brother Mark was there too, it’s amazing to see that he how much he is like my husband’s brother, Leon. Not in looks, just in attitude to women and everything. It’s quite scaring, and not in a good way. I don’t dislike him; he is quite funny and nice enough. But I hope that I can raise my son to be so much more.

After a yummy brunch of pancakes, eggs, and bacon we went back to Lee and Gaz’s place and walked to the beach. This is only 5 minutes away, lucky ducks. My kids loved running in the sand and dipping their feet in the cold, cold water. Lee, Sarah and I took group pictures of ourselves each we do a lot when we get together. I love my cousins, they really are the best!

We drove home, and my sister came over to babysit the kids and Reuben and I went to the mcg to watch footy. Usually I hate all kinds of sport, and even refuse to watch it on TV, but I actually enjoyed myself. Being any where with just the two of us and no kids is always wonderful!


EleCat said...

I'm not a real sports fan either but seeing it live is always fun. Love your photos...... I'm sure we must be related somewhere along the line because you all have a 'familiar' look about you but I'm sure that I don't know you... eery.. :)

Kelly said...

he he just realized someone left a comment. Wow how exciting :)

That is eery, maybe we are related, I love your blog reading all your gorgeous posts now.