Thursday, May 27, 2010


{Skye and Alex snuggled up}

Both my girls were sick today. It started with Skye at 6.50am when she came into our bedroom and told us that something was wrong with her body and that she hurt. Next thing I knew she was vomiting everywhere. Alex was fine in the morning so she went to school with Phoenix as usual. Around 10am there was a phone call, it was the school telling us that Alex had vomited. Lucky Reuben is home from work and he went down and picked her up.

Whatever it was that made them both sick cleared up in the afternoon and all they wanted to do was eat and drink. I was so glad that Reuben is on three weeks holidays, otherwise I might not have got any hair clip orders made today. He also spend a few hours this afternoon editing headband pictures, facebooking and adding them to my webiste. I would be lost without him!