Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hello! And welome to the start of something new. I hope you find reading my blog interesting and fun! It will be filled with things that inspire me, and I hope that they will inspire you too.

My name is Kelly and I am totally in love with my gorgeous husband, Reuben. I have three beautiful children. Alex is 12 years old, Phoenix is 6 years old and Skye is 4 years old. I run a small handmade hair clip website from home, its wondeful to be able to create something pretty everyday. I love photography, baking, reading, my family, and my friends.


Maxabella said...

I've been enjoying going back to the very first post that my favourite bloggers every wrote. It's really fun to see where it all began. I love how you've said "I am totally in love with my gorgeous husband, Reuben" - beautiful!! x

Kelly said...

aww, thank you maxabella :)

JANE said...

Yep, what Bron said, Kelly! J x